21 Items That Make Your Home Outdated

Real Estate


Article by Ayn-Monique Klahre and Steph Coelho as seen on Bob Vila.

We see this all the time. It is not unusual to go into a house that people have lived in for years and don't notice lots of these items because they are used to them.

Some of the homes in the high end market Golden Ocala ( https://www.goldenocala.com )have the heavy drapery because that was in style 10-15 years ago. When we take buyers in to see homes, the comments will be the outdated items.

Bathrooms are another source of being outdated. The gold plated faucets no longer appeal to todays buyers. 

Mary and I want your home to bring top dollar, but to do so items must be updated, otherwise the final selling price will be reflected.

Check out the color comments of the walls. Gray has only lasted a few years and is being replaced with a beige gray look.

Enjoy the information!