What To Look For In A Equestrian Community

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What to Look for in a World-Class Equestrian Estate
When it comes to lifestyle properties, equestrian estates have appealed to luxury homebuyers for centuries. Often grand and historic, they are devoted entirely to enjoying one’s passion for horses. If you’ve ever considered purchasing a property where you can ride, train and care for these beloved animals, these features are essential for an equestrian estate that leaves nothing to be desired. 

First-Class Facilities
A well-designed stable with an adequate number of stalls, a wash rack and a tack room for your equipment is perhaps the most important item on the list. Some all-encompassing estates take it a step further, however. On these properties, you’re also likely to find a riding arena and a spacious paddock for the horses to spend time outside. 

Riding Trails
Part of the grandeur of equestrian estates is that they’re often built on large tracts of land with their own riding trails. For an equine enthusiast, there’s quite simply no greater luxury than being able to leave their private stable on horseback and leisurely roam the property’s scenic trails. Although not all horse properties enjoy this feature, they’ll likely still have access to nearby trails.

Equestrian Community
Community, of course, is always important. If horses are your passion, then chances are you’ll appreciate being around others who share this. Not to mention, you can expect many important benefits, like an abundance of nearby services and specialists to help with caring for your animals. Equine veterinarians, trainers and nearby supply stores are just a few things that you’ll be thankful for having easy access to. 

Ample Accommodations
Lastly, let’s not forget that equestrian estates tend to be used as gathering places. Multiple generations of families and large groups of friends come together at these prized homes to spend quality time away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives. For this reason, it’s common to see numerous dwellings on a sprawling equestrian estate, like a manor house, guest house, staff quarters and more.